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An all-inclusive living experience

Our mission at eHomes is to redefine living and provide our customers with an all-inclusive package. We rely on a comprehensive service philosophy that encompasses renovation, interior design, and the rental of modern apartments.

We understand that living is more than just having a roof over your head. That's why at eHomes, we value high-quality and modern apartments that meet our customers' needs. We not only focus on the amenities and location but also on the quality of the service we provide.

Our goal is to offer an unforgettable living experience and make everyday live as easy and pleasant as possible. We work hard every day to realise our vision of a sustainable and innovative real estate industry, and we prioritise close collaboration with our customers.  

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All apartments offered by eHomes represent modern living


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We cooperate with Mother Nature

At eHomes, our longstanding dedication to the concept of living has led us to make a promise to our customers - to create absolute havens of comfort and well-being. In pursuit of this commitment, we work closely with the power of nature in all our projects, embracing the use of natural materials such as wood to furnish our apartments. By making this choice, we not only contribute positively to the environment but also prioritize the well-being of each individual residing in an eHomes property. It's not just about the inherent comfort that wood provides; it's about the proven impact it has on creating a healthier living environment and enhancing overall quality of life.

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To ensure that the home fits perfectly, we primarily utilise custom-made furniture for our apartments. By incorporating individual modules, unique living spaces are created piece by piece. This smart utilisation of space fosters a maximum level of individuality. The process begins with digitally measuring the entire apartment, followed by designing it using a configurator on a computer, and finally producing it through fully automated production. This approach enables us to successfully save time, costs, energy, and resources during the furnishing process.

We place the highest value on the finest quality materials. That's why we constantly ask ourselves important questions when it comes to renovating and furnishing: How can we contribute to sustainability? Where does the wood come from? And what journey do floors, furniture, accessories, and others take before finding their place in one of our apartments? There's no doubt: short transportation distances, a minimal ecological footprint, and resource-efficient processing and manufacturing are of utmost importance to us.

Undoubtedly, price is a crucial factor when it comes to purchasing or renting an apartment. However, as our mission is to offer smart, modern living to as many people as possible, we continuously strive to develop new sustainable and resource-efficient solutions. Therefore, we make great efforts to make our calculations for construction, delivery, and initial acquisition costs exceptionally attractive. Additionally, we keep a close eye on operating costs to ensure they do not become an uncertain variable for eHomes residents in the end.

As Berliners, we couldn't be closer to the modern spirit of the times. Somewhere between a start-up and the next big idea mentality, we strive to shape the future actively. As digital natives, it's second nature for us to think of all processes related to living as efficiently as possible. Aesthetic attention to detail always remains our focus. That's why the design of all our apartments is significantly influenced by the Bauhaus style. Of course, this is realised with the most sustainable solutions currently available in the market.


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