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From renovations to furnishings and rentals, the eHomes team is your committed partner for all residential project needs

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A range of solutions - in one hand

Together with external partner companies and other trades, the experienced experts at eHomes take care of the renovation, furnishing, and rental of the apartments. The supervision and management of a project always remain in one hand, ensuring that customers have a dedicated point of contact for any questions and can rely on our years of experience.


If an apartment requires renovation, eHomes takes care of redesigning ceilings, walls, and floors.


The interior design of each apartment is based on the efficient utilisation of the available space.


Once the renovation process is complete, we handle advertising, home staging, and paperwork.

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Digital from A to Z

eHomes stands for electronic Homes, embodying a new way of living. From coordination to conception and furniture construction, all processes are guided by a digital approach. This ensures transparency, with relevant data accessible at all times. Additionally, this digitalization enhances the efficiency of every operation, making workflows smoother and more streamlined.

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eHomes represents a new way of thinking, constructing and living

Support at all stages

The core competency of eHomes is to create apartments that embody a new living space and lifestyle. We take charge of planning, supervision, and management of each individual project from start to finish. eHomes coordinates everything, from renovation to interior design and apartment rental. All these options are available as separate services or as a complete package. In the end, you'll find a home distinguished by a high level of aesthetics, individuality, and functionality.

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Small studio apartments with integrated kitchenettes are becoming increasingly common in big cities. Here, a smart and cohesive living concept is needed, primarily focusing on maximizing the use of the available space. eHomes has developed solutions that ensure no compromise on comfort.

In an apartment, which refers to a multi-room dwelling in the traditional sense, eHomes takes care of the renovation, furnishing, and rental of all spaces. Comprehensive 3D designs focus not only on interior design but also on the design of ceilings, wall surfaces, and floors. Additionally, the concept includes bathroom fittings with all sanitary facilities.

Living in a loft certainly has its charm, but it brings its own challenges, especially when it comes to good indoor climate and increased living comfort. To ensure that a home in an old industrial building feels warm and cosy during the cold season, the right adjustments need to be made in terms of room furnishings and decor.

Bespoke furniture and smart technology shape the future of modern living

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Why choose furnished apartments?

Outside of Germany and even Europe, it has long been commonplace to simply move into a furnished apartment instead of constantly setting up new living spaces or hauling the entire household from one move to another. Moreover, this concept also aligns with the current zeitgeist, where remote work is an integral part of modern lifestyle. A new job in a foreign city? Your apartment is already waiting.


Take a look at the contemporary apartments of eHomes - stylish and unique

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