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We believe in the positive effect of synergies. That's why we have established a network of competent partners, ensuring that we have the right expertise at hand for every project.

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Achieving greatness together

To create something great, we collaborate with the best. Our carefully selected partners share our commitment to design, quality, and service. Innovative thinking and transparent communication drive each partnership. Together, we efficiently plan, digitally fabricate, and sustainably execute projects from start to finish. In doing so, we save costs, time, and most importantly, resources.


eHomes Partner Deli Home

When it comes to providing appealing fittings for floors, stairs, and doors, we collaborate with a multitude of industry-leading suppliers. Among their offerings are the increasingly popular, noise-reducing wood panels. In all our partnerships, we place a strong emphasis on durability and sustainability.


Our apartments benefit from the expertise of local carpentry shops, which deliver custom-made furniture for stylish and fitting interiors. These artisanal experts specialize in crafting individual, high-quality furniture pieces that make perfect use of every room and contribute to a timeless, beautiful living ambiance.

eHomes Partner Bang & Olufsen

For the living room of an apartment to become a retreat, all elements must align towards relaxation. This requires comfort for both touch and hearing. The comfortable seating furniture, coupled with our high-quality sound systems, creates an ideal symbiosis. Most rooms are equipped with large TVs to ensure the best entertainment experience.

eHomes Partner HAY Design und Hübsch Interior

All small furniture, lights, textiles, and many more home accessories in our apartments come from carefully selected sources to set aesthetic accents and lend rooms a special finish. Our interior designers create an individual furnishing concept for each apartment, combining minimalism and warmth to evoke a feeling of 'home'.

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Networking at its best

Renovate, Furnish, Rent

eHomes takes care of apartment renovation, furnishing, and rental. Our customers have the option to choose from individual, combination, or complete packages. But because our services are comprehensive, we actively collaborate with specialized partners from various sectors. Our partnerships are built on years of cooperation and are the result of being part of a global peer-to-peer network. Additionally, through regular participation in industry summits and future labs, we stay in touch with innovative brands, learn about cutting-edge technologies, and explore new sustainable concepts and products.

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Sustainability in harmony

Modern living must align with nature and prioritize sustainability. This is what motivates us and our partners: to discover innovative and intelligent solutions. A crucial aspect of this commitment to sustainability is the meticulous selection of materials. Wood, as a precious resource, has always been a focal point for us, which is why it forms the foundation of our apartment furnishings. Whether it's used for furniture, paneling, or flooring, each interior incorporates its unique wooden elements. However, it's important to note that we source our wood from nearby FSC-certified forests, ensuring responsible and eco-friendly practices.


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